Human Spirituality


I think when people hear the word cancer, they gravitate towards every negative thing that is associated with it.  Typically, death is at first thought.  How long am I going to live?  Am I going to lose my hair? The list can go on.  Here is the thing, what if I told you, there is a actually some positives that come from being diagnosed with cancer?  Shocking, right?!

It allows for one to become a bigger part of their spiritual being.  I am not talking about ones relationship with their religion of choice.  Spiritual being is who you are, your human spirit, your SOUL.  Don’t get this twisted, some days are hard.  There is just something that is unavoidable by being faced with something as hard as the Big C.  You are tested in every damn near way possible.  Every damn day is a battle but the Big C works in mysterious ways.  You hear that saying about how God works in mysterious ways? Yes, so does the Big C.

I think one of the most iconic things that Cancer does, it is almost an iconic statement of her.  Yes, I call my cancer her.  She has this way of wanting to trick my brain into thinking that I am not allowed to have anything G O O D happen.

Let me just lay and paint this picture before I get to my point of her trying to take the good away from me.  Cancer takes away a plethora of things from you as does chemo.  Think about it, it is the most monotonous thing out there.  It allows for you to resort to a depressed state.  They take away your energy, taste, smell, confidence, friends, family, independence and life.  Let that sink in, your magic carpet has quickly turned to the warm sands of Bora Bora, leaving you in the cold harsh winter.

So let me get back on track here.  You see, Cancer, she has a damn good way of making you think nothing is good anymore.  You don’t deserve good, you don’t deserve anything. What if I told this untrue?  Cancer or not!

What if for one moment, we or I allowed myself to think that I can have everything that I want.  Let’s be realistic here and mention, non materialistic things.  What if we allowed every fiber, our limbs, lobes of our brain to be filled with our grandest visions of life that we are envisioning and ever so wanting?  Allowing for our hands, toes, feet, and our walk to be all about this good thing, this good thought, this thing we want.  As these thoughts pass through our bodies, our necks, spine and shoulders are our base.  Once we have finally reached a state of peace, we allow this thought to reach the pit of our being, our stomachs.  Peace then enters our veins, our blood stream and ultimately travel to our hearts.  Our hearts are restless until they rest in us.

Life is full of unlimited possibilities and if we allow for one second to believe this, it could happen.  No, it will happen.  A peaceful and ultimately a prosperous life is a damn good filled life with damn good possibilities that ultimately will nourish our beings, our spiritual beings, our mind, body and souls.  Think it.  Feel it.  Do it.

I encourage you to be involved in one good thought today, giving yourself permission to get fired up, get hot, let this thought travel through your being and just be actively involved within this thought you have created to believe.  Let one good thought, be an entire possibility.  Become your human spirit.

Human Spirituality

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